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Cable Management

Cable Pulling Bar
Cable Pulling Bar
Cable Loop Hook
cable management


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  • Manufactured from galvanised steel
  • Mounted to the pit wall using bolts (supplied with system)
  • Wall bearer allows for multiple cable bearers to be installed and flexibility in vertical position to suit cable
  • Cables can be securely strapped to the cable bearer
Wall bearer types
Reference No. holes Length
WB Type 1 1 178 mm
WB Type 2 2 278 mm
WB Type 3 3 508 mm
WB Type 5 5 813 mm
WB Type 8 8 1270 mm
WB Type 10 10 1575 mm
WB Type 12 12 1880 mm
Cable Bearer types
Reference Length
 CB Type 3 115 mm
CB Type 5  165 mm
CB Type 8  242 mm
CB Type 12  343 mm
CB Type 18  495 mm
CB Type 24  648 mm
  • Allows cable to be looped around the hook to keep it off the floor of the pit
  • Manufactured in Polypropylene
  • Comprised of wall mounted plaque (fitted with self-tapping screw) and separate hook which slots on to the plaque
  • Internal space is 65 mm x 140 mm, suitable for at least 50 m of fibre cable
  • System provides steps and removable hand rail to help with safe access 
  • Handrail locates inside in the chamber when in the closed position
  • Mounts to the pit wall
  • Manufactured in galvanised steel
  • Designed to be used on the France Telecom network
  • Aid with pulling of cables between pits
  • Manufactured in galvanised steel
  • Mounts to the pit wall using supplied bolts

Also available

  • Anchor irons for cable pulling that can be cast into a concrete base