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Plastic Round Rail Pits

Round Service Pit Rail
Round Service Pit Rail
1050 x 500 Energy circular
service pit
Collar,Security,CastIron - Dia.1050mm
Cover  Dia.1050mm 1

Round Plastic Rail Pits .

Product codes: 124121S and 124121

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CUBIS Systems have developed a range of plastic cable pit and access cover products to meet the specific requirements of the Rail industry in Australia. The constant vibration as caused by light and heavy rail traffic create a unique problem for cable pits installed near rail lines.

CUBIS Systems (incorporating BVCI Concrete) designs have taken into consideration this unique effect and produced heavy duty circular rotational moulded plastic polymer cable pits as used in the Vic Rail network systems. Standard plastic cable pits as used in Telecommunications and Electrical industries are also available for specific installations on these projects.

The CUBIS Systems (incorporating BVCI Concrete) cable pit range is available with hinged locking galvanised steel access covers or standard galvanised steel locking covers. CUBIS Systems (incorporating BVCI Concrete) are constantly working with Rail Authorities and Engineers to ensure product supplied meets the specific requirements and importantly the durability for light or heavy duty installations, such as rail lines from Mining locations to Port.

Cable pit access covers for heavy load applications include cast iron access covers encased in separate pre-cast concrete cable pit roofs. CUBIS Systems (incorporating BVCI Concrete)  capability to design and manufacture specialised pit and roof assemblies are available on request.

Plastic Rail Pits come in various sizes.  

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