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Triple Interceptor Traps

triple interceptor
triple interceptor

CUBIS' Triple Interceptor Traps have been designed to separate all petroleum products from wastewater.

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Product Size Product Code  Lid Options and Weight
1100L 541189

Cast Iron Class “B” 900mm x 1545mm x 55mm 2 Part (Part No 302C9115B) - 190kg
Cast Iron Class “D” 900mm x 1570mm x 105mm 2 Part (Part No 302C9115D) - 370kg
PIT WEIGHT: 2680kg

2000L 541230

Cast Iron Class “B” 750mm x 2340mm x 55mm 3 Part (Part No 303C7623B) - 234kg
Cast Iron Class “D” 750mm x 2390mm x 105mm 3 Part (Part No 303C7624D) - 495kg
PIT WEIGHT: 3976kg