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1500 x 1500 x 1500 Pit

Riser1000x600x300 1
Cover 1000x600 1
encasement covers1000x1000x1195

1500 x 1500 x 1500 Pit  with various cover options.

Product code: 524114 (Pit only)

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CUBIS have developed a range of “Secure” cable pit and access cover products for this market based much on the SCEC endorsed product used in high security Defence installations.

The “Secure” pre-cast concrete cable pit designs incorporate the pit and surround in a one piece moulding to provide full security, and cost saving during installation. Typically the access covers used in these products are hinged and with lockbox style locking, allowing for ease of opening and combined with the patented “Secure” pit access cover design which prevents the chance of the cover, or lockbar (as used on other style locking pits) falling into the pit and cutting “live” communications and/
or electrical cables.

Cable Pits for this market may be pre-cast concrete such as the “Secure” pit, or plastic cable pits with locking access covers to a security level as determined by the Authority.

CUBIS Systems manufacture a range of pre-cast concrete and plastic cable pits and selective stormwater pit products for this civil market as well as approved access covers to suit. Working with various Authorities in each State, CUBIS are developing products to meet the wide range of applications and specifications such as Vic Roads, RTA (NSW) and Queensland Main Roads (MRD).

CUBIS products are all manufactured to our quality standard and in line with recognised Australian Standards for the manufacture of pre-cast concrete and plastics, and metal access covers. CUBIS are a quality assured company to AS/NZS ISO 9001-2008. Certification number 6430.

All pits designed and constructed using steel bar and mesh reinforcement with minimum 40Mpa concrete to ensure integrity and strength of construction as required in air/road installations. All precast concrete pits are structurally certified. 

Please click on image below to download the full specification sheet for this product.

This Pit is available with GMS hinged locking cover assemblies in Class B, C or with concrete roof encasements incorporating cast iron access covers in Class B or D. Riser extensions available for all pits – 300mm in height.

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