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Access covers for shared spaces

What are shared surfaces?

  • Areas where the demarcation between pedestrians and drivers is minimised
  • Use deep paving materials rather than typical road construction materials
  • Possess low speed limits
  • Qualify as B125 areas because they feature slow moving traffic.


What happens when a B125 access cover is trafficked by vehicles?

Maximum European Gross Vehicle Weight 44,000
Maximum European Axle Weight 11,500
Maximum Wheel Load (Axle kg/2) 5,570
      Add: 10% for Overloaded Axle 575
      Add: 15% for Dynamic Wheel Load 949
      Add: 60% for Margin of Safety 4,364
 Total Theoretical Wheel Load 11,638
Test Load of B125 Covers*  13,750
  • This shows that B125 covers are suitable for use in any area subject to slow moving vehicle traffic including HGVs.

What happens to access covers in shared surface areas?

  • Truck turns onto access cover
  • Force from the power steering twists the cover out of the ground

The Solution

  • Deeper frames with standard recessed cover tray (HomeZone)
  • Removes the need for a concrete fillet around the outside of the frame as deep blocks can be placed right up to the edge

  • Filled covers can still be safely lifted by a single person
  • In-house testing shows this design meets the loading requirements of D400
  • Openreach approved solution for Homezone areas and shared spaces