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Cubis Conquer Donard

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Cubis Conquer Donard

As most began to wind down for the weekend, Cubis were gearing up for a day of hiking up Slieve Donard, an 850-meter (2,790 ft) mountain overlooking Newcastle and Dundrum Bay, County Down. Marking another milestone in a series of Divisional Team Challenges developed to promote the health and well-being of all employees working under the Northstone umbrella, Cubis along with representatives from Northstone and Farrans took part in what was to be a fantastic day in the Mournes.

The event which took place on what was a dry, crisp Saturday morning seen an early start for all, meeting in Newcastle's Donard Car Park in preparation for the much anticipated hike. With lunches packed, hiking boots at the ready and a quick oiling of joints, the group began the long 6km trek up the mountain side. With an immediate, steep incline from the foot of the mountain the group began to splinter. Rambling through the placid terrain, the first of the walkers reached the peak in under 1 hour 30 minutes. After a short stop for refreshments at the top under poor visibility and high winds the trek continued back down the nearside of the mountain with anticipation of a well earned afternoon meal at O'Hares restaurant.

The lead group arrived back in the car park for 1:30PM having taken less than 1 hour 15 minutes to reach the base with the rest soon to follow. With stomachs grumbling and bodies aching, a seat by a lit fire in an inviting restaurant was welcomed by all. With food service immediately following, everyone reflected on their achievements over a complimentary two course meal, before being prised again from their seats to board the bus heading back to the pick up location.

A fantastic day enjoyed by all and a pat on the back to all those that partook in the event. With aching bodies now back to work, we look on to the next event in the series in the hope it is as great a success as our mountain walk.

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  • Sheila McGuire Avatar

    Sheila McGuire

    Congratulations and well done to everyone who participated in this event!!

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