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STAKKABOX™ ULTIMA HYBRID – CBD Electrical Services Relocation Project

Cubis Systems were approached to provide an underground network access solution for the relocation of vital electrical services. Located along Pitt Street in the middle of Sydney’s Central Business District, Cubis worked closely with the lead contractor and project management team to provide an innovative access pit solution to meet the requirements of the customised installation.

Project Challenges

  • Full details surrounding existing services unknown
  • Minimal time-frame for site to remain ‘inconstruction’ phase
  • CBD location within close proximity to heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic

In order to locate all existing services, the client requested a full excavation of the site prior to specifying the final shape and dimensions of the required jointing bays. With the site location situated within a heavily congested business district of the city, elimination of any possible safety risks to the public was of the upmost importance and underpinned all aspects of the installation.

A network access pit solution that could accommodate existing services with the added capacity to be adaptable onsite and installed within a matter of days was critical in the success of the project. Traditional methods such as cast-in situ or pre-cast concrete would not be able to meet all the project demands within a safe and timely manner.

Cubis Solution

  • Product: STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Hybrid
  • Load Rating: Class D
  • Internal Dimensions (mm): 3000L x 1500W X 1500D
  • Access Cover (mm): Cubis Precast Concrete slab accommodating three (3) 900L x 900W cast iron access covers

Project Outcomes
The STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Hybrid provided the ideal solution for the customer, with the ability to easily overcome the various challenges associated with
installing two large jointing bays in the middle of Sydney’s active CBD.

The in-situ concrete base was completed during the evening prior to the pit installation, providing curing time overnight ensuring it was ready for the ULTIMA Hybrid pits to be installed the very next day. Utilising the lightweight, modular structure of the STAKKAbox™ pit system, both jointing bays were rapidly installed simultaneously with any adaptions required to support existing services easily made on site during assembly.

With minimal lead times on all ULTIMA Hybrid components, Cubis products offer complete flexibility during installation, with the ability to easily add or remove ULTIMA ring sections as required, without specialist equipment or resources. Safety risks presented by the excavated area remaining uncovered for a long period of time (traditionally the case for pre-cast and in-situ alternatives) were eliminated, with both jointing bays completely installed within just a few hours.

Reduced freight costs were also achieved with the ULTIMA Hybrid pit body components flat-packed onto 2 pallets each, also reducing on-site area for holding the product, causing minimal interruption to surrounding traffic, no heavy lifting machinery and significant overall cost savings.

Charlie Nelson, Site supervisor for Ferrycarrig Civil Construction had this to say regarding the use of Cubis’ ULTIMA Hybrid product on the project: “It was very very easy to install – it works well in tight spaces that can’t easily be accessed by large excavators. I enjoyed using the product”.